Phantom of the Opera Day


Wacky Me, The Chandelier, and Aldrin looking at an art exhibit on the basement of CCP

Last Saturday, Aldrin and I finally got to watch the Phantom of the Opera at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)! I actually just dragged Aldrin to come with me. Haha! Supportive boyfriend forevs. Haha! Anyway, the last time I was at CCP to watch a theater performance was years ago! I think I was still in grade school then and my family and I watched Miss Saigon. Moving back to the Phantom of the Opera, watching it was like a breath of fresh air! It was a nice change from all the movies I’ve been watching. I actually felt a bit intellectual! Hahaha! I first knew about this play back in 4th YR. high school when one of my favorite teachers discussed it during our English class. It was how I imagined it since highschool, watching the live theater play was so worth it! I even cried! Haha!


Curiosity Saturday!


The Mind Museum 3D Movie Theatre

Aldrin and I finally had the resources to go to the The Mind Museum last June 16! Yeay! We joined the 9AM-12NN tour group (P600) which was too early for me but it was a good choice because there are fewer people during this time compared to the later times (12NN, 3PM, 6PM). You can check their website for more information regarding tour times and prices.

Can’t wait to start exploring!

Meet Aldrin and Aedi!

The museum’s five galleries

The museum is divided into five galleries: on the first floor, they have the Universe, Life, Earth, and Atom; on the second floor, they have the Technology gallery, a canteen, two auditoriums, and a laboratory. I really can’t choose a favorite because all the galleries were amazing! I also love how they designed the museum in a way that the galleries are interconnected physically and symbolically – Universe is connected with Earth, Earth is connected with Life, Life is connected with Atom, and finally, the Technology is on the second floor symbolizing how it is directly related to all the other four galleries. Haha!

The best part of this place!

What I like most about this place is that you don’t have a specific tour flow and tour guide to follow. Here, they have the Mind Movers who are pretty similar to a tour guide in a way that they are knowledgeable on specific areas of the museum and you can approach them for any inquiry you might have on any exhibit. But that’s it, after they provide a quick introduction, they let you be – you get to be your own tour guide, go to places that interests you the most first, and explore the galleries and exhibits in any order you prefer.

My life’s in technicolor! ❤

Interactive exhibits are looooove!

Hair raising experience!

Another thing that makes me all giddy is the fact that most, if not all, of the exhibits are interactive! You get to play, learn, and unleash that curious child in you! There’s even an exhibit where you can record a 15-second video where you share what your favorite technology is and they continuously play the compiled videos in a huge screen above the museum. Neat huh? I even saw two of my favorite DJ’s (Chico&Gino) video. Hihi!

Ahhhh! I just still can’t believe how much fun I had exploring The Mind Museum in just 3 hours! Bitiiiin! I wanna go back and check out the other exhibits I wasn’t able to focus on the first time. Haha! Go unleash the geeky kid in you and explore this new space in BGC! 🙂

And today I am 23!


The fourth anniversary of my 19th birthday! Hahaha!

The past year has been, by far, the most challenging year of my life! I think I’ve experienced the quarter life crisis at age 22 and honestly I’m not even sure it’s really over. Now, I’m a year older (and hopefully wiser) and I want to list down a couple or more things I’ve realized at 22.

  • The late nights, the shifting schedule, the long commute, the stress – no matter how young or healthy you’ve been before, all these will one day take a toll on your health and sanity. So always prioritize your well being above everything else. Take an SL if you must, go on vacations and clear your mind! Work will still be there when you get back but when your health is compromised, say hello to your new best friends – the ER and daily meds. Trust me on this one.
  • When you hit rock bottom, there’s no where else to go but up! You just have to take that difficult first step!
  • At the end of the day, when you can no longer stand up because of “real life” shoving you down to nothingness and you think no one can help you – you are wrong! That’s where your family comes in! They will be your strength and support just when you think you have no one else to turn to.
  • Happiness is a very subjective word and you don’t need to define your happiness based on other people’s own definition(s) of it.
  • It is OK to spend the money you make on things that makes you feel young and alive (i.e. travel, travel, travel)! But it’s also wise to start saving up for a rainy day.
  • Let go and let God.

Okkk. Enough with the drama! Haha! Since I just turned 23, I’ll be providing updates regarding my 30 by 30 list:

Finally got to cross out two  items! But I’m still looking forward to trying them again and again and again!

  • Learn how to surf: I sure can surf the internet, but not the waves – yet.DONE! 05/20/12
  • Go camping: I remember back in lower grade, I joined the Girls Scout for the sole reason of camping but alas we just camped out in the school grounds. I wanna experience the wilderness!DONE! 05/19-20/12

Almost crossed-out items:

  • Find another passion. Papa was nice enough to buy me a DSLR a couple of months ago! Yeay! I’m now trying my hands on Photography and hopefully I get to be good at it because I am liking it so far! Haha!
  • It’s more fun in the Philippines. 12/20! Added Coron, Calaguas Island, and CWC to the list of places I’ve been in the Philipppines!
  • Invest. Bought  a few mutual funds for investment as a birthday gift for myself! Yay! But I was hoping to have more investments (i.e. condo/house, stocks) in the future!
  • Be an audience. Watched Annebisyosa this year! Haha! Hopefully, I can watch more concerts from my favorite artists! :>
  • Have a decent savings account. Kind of reached this goal already! Haha! But I want to revise this to – “Have a decent savings account which I won’t spend a centavo of before I’m 30”! Hihi!
  • It’s not on my list but I got to try wakeboarding and skim boarding too!
  • I’ve started my journey to independence since college when I had to study far away from home.When I finally graduated and got my first job, my parents immediately stopped supporting me financially (with good intentions, of course)! This year, I became even more independent by moving out of my parent’s place and renting a condo unit with friends. I still go home on weekends though. Hihi.

Ok, that’s about it by this time! Not to pat myself on the back but it’s not bad right? Yay! Anywayyyyyy! Now we move on to some pictures of today!

Had lunch at my office desk. CBTL’s Tomato and Herb Linguine for some pampahaba-ng-buhay birthday food.

For dinner: Spicy Lamb Shank, Spinach Ravioli, Mango Shake, plus Molten Espresso Chocolate Cake equals FOOD COMA! =P~

I see a pattern here! Just like last year, Aldrin’s present came from Power Mac Center! Next year, I’ll be expecting a MacBook Air! HAHAHA!

A pink tulip perfectly describes this day – perfect happiness! ❤



Finally tried surfing! Thanks to our team building last May 18-20. Now, I get to cross out one of my 30 by 30s! Hihi! So, the specifics: on the last leg of our epic team building in Bicol, we went to Bagasbas Beach in Daet, Camarines Norte where Denise, Carren, Mark, and I braved the waves! We had to pay extra (P400/hour) for taking the surfing lesson and renting the surf board but it was definitely worth it!

Stoked! Borrowed a pro-surfer’s board for some pictures. Hihi!

Now for some land training and reminders! Haha! I learned that I have the goofy stance (right foot in front)!

Try and try and try. Good thing Kuya was patient enough with me. Hihi. Btw, I’m using a long board now, which is for beginners.

I may have failed a lot of times, but I was able to ride at least 5 waves! Good enough for me!

BITX Team Building 2012


First stop: Camarines Sur!

First stop: CWC! L-R: John, Denise, Carren, Me, Rom, and Mark

Fooling around after being so good at the beginner’s level! Hahaha!

Second stop: Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte!

Calaguas Hulabaloo Camp Site

Panorama view of Calaguas Island

Last stop: Bagasbas Beach | Carren, Me, and Mark practice surfing by the beach.

Coron in Pictures


Touchdown Coron!

Now we're off to Coron Island.

We're so near the resort! Just a 5 minute boat ride away.

Divelink (specifically Kuya Toto) warmly welcomed us with shell necklaces and drinks. I really felt special!

Maquinit Hotspring - which is actually redundant because Ate Joan, our tour guide, told us that Maquinit already meant hotspring.

Kayalangan Lake - the journey was quite challenging but it was so worth it. A beauty indeed!!

Just us being vain at one of the Twin Lagoons.

(L-R) Ai, Danny, Girlie, Franz, and Aldrin

Just me trying to be in one of the underwater pictures for once! Haha!